pic: Bear Brawl QF - 1519 Looking for a Passing Lane Around 237

While both robots were tearing down the straight at full speed, 237 swerved to keep 1519 from passing on the outside, and 1519 responded by trying to swing around on the inside…

What a wicked fast robot 1519 has. Very cool. A killer hybrid mode also.

I was thinking – too late in the day, of course – that they should have done a solo run around the field, just a demo to see how far they could go without other robots in the way. Not that other robots would be a problem…

Thanks for the kudos!

My favorite moment of the day involved 237’s robot, when 237 regrettably fell over in autonomous, but Speed Racer then came sailing around the track and tried to drive under the “pillar” of your fallen robot but got hung up by the way-bent-over flagpole on our 'bot. Then, 173 bumped (autonomously) into both of our robots, and Speed Racer came sailing out with the bent-over-flagpole causing the bot to pull a wheelie for about ten feet before dropping onto all four wheels to make the turn for another line before autonomous ended. I haven’t had a chance to review our video to see if we have a good shot of it, but our cameraman said she wasn’t in the right place for a good angle of the wheelie!

I just managed to find the above collision during the qualifying rounds on video, and am stunned at the revelation of just how deceptive one’s own perception is! My memory was such that I was sure that 237’s robot was already fallen when we collided with it, but now upon reviewing the video, it’s pretty clear that we knocked 237’s robot forward into the overpass, causing it to tip! I’m sorry, 237! We definitely weren’t trying to knock over your robot even though that’s obviously what happened.

Clearly, your earlier comments are such that you’ve forgiven us. Thank you!

Three cheers for 237 and gracious professionalism!

"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9

Your bot packed quite a punch. Our fault we tipped, not yours. How much does that bot weigh?

KE = .5mv^2

I’m more interested in the v part.

Maybe this will give some perspective.

“Average” robot:
m = approx. 65kg
v = approx. 2.5 meters/second
KE = .5 * 65kg * (2.5 meters/second)^2 = 203 Joules

Speed Racer:
m = approx. 30kg
v = approx. 6.0 meters/second
KE = .5 * 30kg * (6.0 meters/second)^2 = 540 Joules

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