pic: Bear Hug!

Paul Copi-oil gets a little revenge on Big Mike

Wow, all I can say is check out the look on Paul’s face!

Mike was off the ground too…

That makes 2 people that have successfully bearhugged Big Mike

Myself and Paul :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that pic…it’s too funny.
Seems like the guy being picked up is having fun. ^___^;
That’s classic.

That was the second bearhug that I gave him that weekend. The first was a bearhug reversal after our Thursday dinner. Does anyone have that pic?

I was trying to take a picture, but my camera takes forever to turn on, so I ended up with a picture of Mike bending over and you running away.

DJ: I don’t know what you’re talking about. You almost gave yourself a hernia trying to pick up Mike at Nats, and you sure didnt get him off the ground!


What’s with that little hand flapping Mike? Were you trying to help Paul out there by flying? :wink:

Yes, I was witness to the first Copi-oil reversal bear hug AFTER dinner Thursday night. Sure wish someone had that picture.

Hey Paul, was this before or after Mike owned you in the mosh pit :yikes:

all i can say is that is amazing. just incredible lol. i hope i never get one of them from him lol. he could probably lift me over his head. :eek:

I heart BIG Mike.


acctually DJ your wrong, the 2 people that have successfully bearhugged me, are Paul Copioli, and Sean Schuff of Team 93 (the ref standing behind us in the first picture)

As Cokeley(WayneC.) says, you are a “BIG BABY”, because you can’t stop being a kid, and yet too big to be a kid. :wink:

i cant actually say anything because I have never met any of you or been at IRI … but it seems that this seems to show DJ bearhugging Big Mike …

Yeah, but he never got him off the ground. :rolleyes:

Dave is right. Big Mike is really big and he owned me in the mosh pit. I ran full speed and lowered my shoulder … I bounced off him like a superball.

Note to self: Bear hug O.K. … Mosh pit NO WAY.