pic: Bedford Express 2010 robot


Wow, I was just looking through the photos and the one on the top just happened to be my team’s robot!

This picture definitely leaves a lot to the imagination :slight_smile:


The Bedford Express team 1023, 2010 robot:
-drives over bumps
-drives under tunnels
-kicks balls with a pnuematic kicker
-low power kick for short distances (zone closest to goal)
-high power kick for long distances (middle zone and far zone)
-4 wheel tank drive (2 cim motors, Andy Marx gearboxes)
-Sticky wheels in front, Omni wheels in back
-the panel on top of the robot functions as a ramp during the finale to
allow other robots to climb up on the platform.
The picture only shows the back of the robot, I’ll try to get a picture of the front and kicker uploaded, you can’t see it from this picture.

Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see you guys in Detroit!

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your ramp :slight_smile: