pic: Before Match 70 at the Philly Regional -- we're the robot at center right.

An exciting time at a fantastic regional! I hope this photo shows the energy of the room that only a FIRST event can generate. Thanks to all for a good time!

Florida used to have the pits right behind the feild, but now we use the old stadium for pits and the new for the field. It is about a 2 minute walk and the pits are nice. That looks like a really excited audience!!:smiley:

That truly does look incredible. Pity the photo isn’t slightly better quality, though, it’s hard to make out specific robots. But the atmosphere is awesome.

I think I spy 1279 in the lower left!

Im thankful where our competition (10k lakes) is that we use two adjoining arenas about 1 minute apart. That way you can hear yourself think in the pits, on the field the music is so loud I couldn’t imagine having adjoining pits with music that loud! (Despite the separate pits I think I am gonna pack some earplugs for the actual field. Some Teammates don’t care for loud noises either.

Yeah, sorry about the poor quality – I was using autostitch and it degrades the photos something fierce, and lightening the photos didn’t help much either. I was in a rush to edit, stich, and upload the photo to ChiefDelphi before our next match, and of course – with the robot going back for the next match – everyone kept coming by.

Regarding the noise or music – surprisingly the black curtain blocks most of the sounds between the pits and the field. You really have to listen carefully to catch the pit announcer or the field noise. And I think they did tone down the sound levels here too – I don’t know if it’s a local preference, or FIRST pushed it to all regionals. I had earplugs but didn’t really need them.