pic: Before the Ban on Stored Energy Devices...

If only there wasn’t a G19 …
And this was with less than half the sugical tubing we had planned to use and it wasn’t even at the “max. release power”.

It was also pretty exciting that it remained at the top after because the knots in the surgical tubing prevented it from sliding back down. (Entirely accidental). We were just as excited to make a shuttle a part of it…

Did anybody else have some promising prototypes that were caught on video?

We were going to go with the same sling-shot idea, but were waiting for our FTC kit.
So much for my idea of having a mini-bot shot up the pole, hit the sensor, and then deploy a parachute.

It would be neat if we were give a chance to test all these idea’s we first had, we could give them a try on the Thursday practice day.

Why couldn’t you test it? As long as you don’t use it on the real field/competition, practice away! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just be prepared to have about 20 teams come up to you and say “Hey, you know that isn’t legal right?”

you should have made the thread title “FIRST scrubs all future shuttle launches”

We had a stored energy idea, but we waited on our prototype because we knew they would soon be banned in a team update. We were going to use compressed air, though, which was a vastly inferior idea.

Major props for the shuttle, though. I lol’ed.

You know that isn’t legal right? I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

Looks cool, I also lol’d at the shuttle…If only…

That looked great! Too bad they banned it…

All I have to say is that is epic!

Could we possibly see designs just for the heck of it?