pic: Before the Bear Brawl 2008

Before the Brawl I managed a panoramic photo of the field. I had fun working the “other side” as a volunteer instead of being on a team. Thanks to Scott Shaw for a successful event!

The calm before the storm. HA! :rolleyes:

I believe Friday was a bit more crazy than Saturday in this case.
I never helped host an offseason before as in depth as I did this time, & boy oh boy, what a learning experience it was.

Thanks to our whole crew (some who knew the game like Roger, & some who had never heard about or saw a FIRST field before Friday) for helping get that field up before we got kicked out of the gym for the night, & thanks to all the teams for making the competition run as smoothly as it did!

Haha the calm before the storm indeed. It is a great picture though. Certainly very cool to see how everything looks before the action really gets started. Thanks to everyone for the help with set-up and day of volunteering!

I think everyone should volunteer at some point in their FIRST career at an event - setting up, breaking down, at the event itself… it certainly gives you a different view of FIRST and it’s a lot of fun to work with everyone!

I agree with Kathie. Bear Brawl was the first time I volunteered (ok I’m Scott’s mother so maybe “volunteering” isn’t the right word) at an event and I had a really good time. I now consider myself pretty proficient with zip ties (thanks Dana) and with deflating balls:) It was a lot of work but I think everyone involved had fun. I’m looking forward to next year.

This sounded like fun, does anyone have videos of the finals.

Thanks guys,


There were lots of (still) cameras, but I didn’t see any video cameras, at least in my corner of the field. I hope Scott posts photos on the BB website.

Jill, you’re lucky you weren’t doing 2007’s Rack 'N Roll game with the tubes. There are 20-30 tubes to deflate. At the Championships in Atlanta there were a couple of girls deflating a whole pile of tubes during the Finals at Einstein, which was, uh, much more entertaining to watch than the speeches. One got herself inside a tower of tubes and kept falling over. I don’t think the job got done by the end of the Finals.

I shall try to post some pictures up at www.wnecrobotics.com sometime this coming week. As for video, I have video of a few matches but I am unsure as to whether the finals are in that video.

I have video of the refs vs. volunteers match! LOL

Make sure to post it Ben!