pic: Behold: ATLAS (seriously)


Behold the great Atlas, see it in action here:


what a beast…

i would like to see some higher res picture sof it though

anyways, nice vid

EDIT: Here is the video, looks like it didn’t carry over into the thread


Uhm…what exactly am i looking at here?

Sorta looks like a Wii console on wheels

If it’s some sort of meme within the team, it’s one they created this year–of all the things pictured, only Diet Pepsi has any sort of significance with me (in that I would frequently be drinking it during meetings with the team).

However, it is a screencap from their video here. I’m definitely curious.

Actually, we just got bored and threw a bunch of stuff together. There is a better picture on our website here:
However, the video actually gives you a hint at what we’re doing for the drive train.

im really hoping that can of dp was empty =P

It was. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you watch the movie, you can clearly see it being knocked clean over the robot…and nothing spilling.
Just to ease your worries. :stuck_out_tongue: