pic: Best alternative use for Lunacy wheels?

My friends and I competed at the local Israeli flugtag competition, with the “rocket hammer head shark”, which just happened to use the 2009 lunacy wheels for the tower/cart.

we took those wheels flying! (but we couldn’t quite get them to the moon…)

This is hilarious. Is there video, how far did you go? My son and I recently attended the Red Bull Soapbox Derby in LA but we didn’t participate. Maybe next year. There were lots of entries by college teams but no high school teams.

We’re still trying to get the official video from redbull, since they had professional cameras situated at the best angles. We also got helmet mounted cameras so if we could get those videos as well we’d have a wicked video to put together!

The platform is only 6m in Israel and europe, as opposed to 9m in the US, so we had no chance of breaking the world record, but we went 12m total and had a nice glide.

What really killed us was the headwind: while helping with the lift it made the plane move very slowly forwards and killed the forward momentum…

all in all it was a great time and i’m definitely planning on competing in the next one! :slight_smile:

A 2:1 ratio for your glide is very respectable, I would assume that is well above average.