pic: Best Emcee Ever?

Blair fist-bumping me through the poly-carb! He is quite awesome(:

Nope. Mark Leon.

'Nuff said.

Blair and Jeff are unquestionably the two best MCs in my mind. Dave, Karthik, and Mark are also among my favorites.

Jeff has the bonus of being a terrific game announcer as well.

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Agreeing with SuperNerd256 Mark Leon is the best MC

QFT. Blair has some of the best opening ceremony antics ever (including being dumped on the field by a Zamboni, rollerblading and wearing a goat suit, not to mention riding a bicycle around the field at Oregon)

Jeff does the best team intros I know of on Einstein. His memory for team histories and connections is mind-blowing, and add a whole extra layer to the match hype.

It’s scary how that costume looks so much like our mascot…

I agree with Princess Natalie, Blair is the best I’ve seen, and I’ll echo Nuttyman’s comments about opening Blair’s antics.

That is, in fact, the WPI mascot* costume, at the inaugural 2010 WPI regional. He is also wearing the famous 358 “Short shorts” over it.

*The official WPI mascot is the Engineers, but it is unofficially Gompei the Goat (or Gompei’s head, in particular), so this is the mascot costume that we have.

This is something I seriously look forward to each season. Jeff’s introductions are the freaking best. My favorite was 2009.

Blair rarely announces, but he was great at it the few times I’ve heard him. Blair is pretty much the best in my book.

You’re thinking of Dave Verbrugge.

Whoops, Correct you are. It’s too late for me to be on Delphi. Jeff Seaton was also quite good the few times I’ve heard him MC, but Dave Verbrugge is Mr. Einstein.

I believe Blair usually does the play-by-play on Einstein as well, or at least has several years.

Dave Verbrugge and Karthik are probably the two most story telling MC’s in FIRST. Both have that nack for alot of knowledge of the teams.

Dave has probably one of the best regional openings I’ve ever heard in my life. His perfect storm speech, perfectly told the events to come at the 2008 GLR and his Einstein openings are great.

Karthik also loves to tell stories of the past. I’ve never seen him MC live, but over a webcast is just as good.

These are my to favorite MC’s.

Dave is the best story teller MC hands down. Though I must admit I’m quite partial to working with Chiniqua.

My vote is for Karthik, hands down.

I miss the days when Woodie was our emcee. No one has lived up to him in my opinion.

I have to agree with you both as well, but i will say Blair is a close second in my book.

I liked when Paul Copioli came from Texas and did some MC-ing at Troy last year. On top of that, he was the best Lego League MC ever! (Thunderquest competitor 2002-2005).

Karthik is a close second for his flying jump-kicks to introduce teams.

I always loved the Umbrella-Hatted Stilt-Walking, Barry Bohnsack :slight_smile:

The melding of Karthik’s MCing and Jondarr’s booming voice is an epic combination of epic epicness that is, to be frank, epically epic.

I’m a northeast gal, so my vote’s got to go for Jack Kentfield (aka Jack in the Hat) and Andy Grady. Both knowledgeable, fun and high energy.