pic: Best lobby at a Regional Competition?

FRC teams are first greeted by this great lobby at the entrance of the 2009 NYC Mega-Regional.

. . . yeah i would say that rivals the championship . . .

Initiating Jaw Drop Sequence

Maybe I’m just a functionalist, but I never did understand why some rooms have such high ceilings. That could be two floors easily. Oh well, maybe I’m overthinking it.

That is quite impressive. I wish I could’ve been there.

I love Javitz; it’s just plain awesome architecturally. The NYC regional was great last year, and the structure itself is even more impressive in person.

(Plus, the venue itself could run simultaneous FRC and FTC competitions!)

don’t forget about the trade show which was on the other side of the building

I spy with my little eye some people from my team standing at the table with the umbrella on the bottom right. :cool:

Nice picture Rich!

ohh the Javits center… i miss that place, i remember when my team tried the regional there 2 years ago, good o’ memories

“When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” - Buckminster Fuller

The world needs beautiful buildings, otherwise we’d end up just like the communist architecture in Eastern Europe.

I love the Javits center. It is just so huge there. I always bring a frisbee, since there is just so much room to play in. This year we were in the other room than the last two years. Its great because if you need to relax, just walk our of the robotics competition and you can find a nice table to sit and calm down.

More than a few steps up from the Riverbank State Park location.

It really is amazing place to be, especially when they set off dynamite in the construction site next door. Every piece of glass shook.

Or avoid the dripping roof with all those water catching tarps up above us…
Or to avoid the cold temperatures in the actual convention hall portion…
I don’t know how old the Javits Center is, but I can’t figure out why they have so many leaks already in the roof - Those were only a couple of the complaints I had about this weekend overall - besides how far away the stands were from the actual field & how bad the quality of the actual bleachers were themselves.

Also, did anyone feel the building shake on Saturday?
They were doing some (construction) blasting I guess that day & the windows in the lobby started shaking or so I hear. :ahh:

Almost 100 blocks south of Riverbank to be more precise!

I love the quote, but I can’t say I agree with it. Also, the picture is of fine architecture. Now, I’m no communist, but I think this might have been one thing they might have been right about.

Yeah, but if you build too many of those, you’d have half of the people living there getting lost everyday and people going insane from the sameness. Besides, block-cities are boring.


I thought this thread was an opportunity to showcase the beauty of the venue that staged such an incredible event this weekend. When Rich posted a photo of the Javits Center last year, it was a jaw dropping moment for me, trying to absorb the fact that so many FIRST events were taking place under one roof all at once and so many people were having a great time. And I wasn’t there to see it. Now this season, Rich posts another beautiful photo and it reminds me again of the incredible planning and organization that had to take place for the events to happen and for it to be an enjoyable weekend for everyone involved.

Inspiring, wonderful, and amazing.

I would love to see the heating bill for that place in the winter…

The best moments on Saturday was watching the some of the JFLL & FLL Teams walk in for the first time at the the Javits.
Mouths drop wide opened, eyes straight up and they all start to move in slow motion.
If I had a dollar for every “Wow” I would be Rich… (haha I made a joke)