pic: Best Offseason Fundraiser


When I saw this I thought BUZZ wins the best off-season fundraiser award.
BUZZ gets to raise money and keep the electrical team busy at the same time.

Or is this a clue to next years game???

<sings> I know where that is… And I thought of the same thing as I drove by it too… </sings>:cool:

I thought of collegehumor.com when I saw this…

Although I think of that site when I see a picture of pretty much any sign online :slight_smile:


Ditto. I drive by it every day on my way home from work. First time I saw it I thought of Buzz too, but the 595 threw me off, I did a double take at first, I thought it said 175.

Which brings up a good idea… anyone ever try to market FIRST or their team on a large billboard like that? Maybe a big picture of your robot with your team’s web site and some catchy motto? On Route 8 where this sign is, there must be a few thousand cars that drive by it every day, and I’d think that to be great publicity, particularly for tech-minded people who happen to drive by and see a big poster of robots!

Where is that on Rte 8? I’m guessing…Shelton? (Im probably terribly off…but it can’t be that close to Waterbury where the tree line is in comparison with the view).

Side note: Check out all the posts in this thread…notice a pattern? (Besides Cory, he’s just from that other WHS team :p)

Side Note 2: I can just imagine my dad with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on his camera getting a shot of this. Quit driving with your knees!

It’s in the south end of Waterbury on Rt 8 North.

Not bad for 70 miles per hour, huh???:ahh:

I say that is pretty good at that speed.

A billboard would be cool to try and raise team attention, but between the price of the ad and board space, and the money you get in sponsorship directly resulting from the sign, it could be a danger gamble.

Well, if you could find a board with nothing else on it (e.g. “Your Ad Here”), maybe the owner would donate the space to your team, just like other businesses who donate time, money, resources, etc. If you could get the space free or at a deeply discounted rate, the exposure alone may be well worth it.

Jess- the sign is about 800-1000 feet before exit 30, on route 8 northbound. (I pass it every day coming home from Fairfield)

haha thats awsome sign

AMEN sister Courtney! haha


you would just hope they were enough to pay for the rental of the sign for the summer…those things are expensive!

The landlord’s for RAGE’s facility own the only billboard on I-84, in East Hartford, and it is right behind our facility, and due to new town ordinances, if they kick our team out of our facility, then they have to remove the billboard. It would be awesome to try to get them to let us put up like a 1 week add on it looking for sponsors. I can only imagine how much money that would cost them though, but I wonder if we can convince the town and the landlords to put up a smaller sign facing the highway, looking for sponsors. That would be awesome.

True, but if the owner of the billboard allows use(advertising) to a 501©3 tax exempt team couldn’t the owner of the billboard use it as a write off? It would possibly be a win-win situation. Just a thought. (Hint,Hint :wink: )

Not to mention a possible huge marketing plan for the UTC regional.
C’mon UTC!! Make it happen!!!

You need signatures to support your cause??
Just ask every team that goes to UTC this year.
That would be awesome to see!

Seriously. :slight_smile: