pic: Best Photo Ever

I love this picture. It is of our hook on the bar with the screen in the background. I took it on Thurs. from the floor.

wow! look at the goals!

they are both almost full, and none of the release balls are down

how did they manage that?!

They are down…there is 23 seconds left in the match. If they weren’t, there must be some kind of ball maker thingy in the goals :slight_smile:

i would hope that the ball releases are down by now or either each HP got way more then their 3 they were supposed to get. and plus the clcok shows 23 second still in the game so those balls should have dropped quite some time ago.

i think he meant the 10 pt balls that trigger the balls to fall in 15 secs.

yes, the release balls

not the ball releases :ahh:

unless the match was played in the twilight zone

how did they fill those goals in only 1:15 - thats amazing!

i think what he meant was there werent any balls down on the playing field… they’re all in teh goals… :wink:

ah… ok… ignore my previous post! hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

wow this thread shows how many teams totally ignored the release balls in auton mode

you all forgot they even existed :^)

thats b/c none of the teams have really went for them. :slight_smile:

I did not see not one 10 pt ball thrown nore released in NYC accept during practice and that was only b/c there were no robots on the during certain matches and the volunteers decided to see which side got more points / balls into the goals :slight_smile: by setting the purples loose early and throwing the yellows into the mix. As a Matter of fact I think the red side got more points and balls during the second round of practice. lol

We didn’t ignore the 10 pt balls. We must have just missed. Anyways this was on Thursday during the practice matches. We had an awesome ball herding system that I broke driving.

i think ourteam robot had code to do the ball dropping thing (no pun intended)… however i dont know b/c they aren’t back in the uk yet…

most teams did ignore the 10 point ball, because sometimes it just doesn’t come to your advantage to have purple balls loose all over the field. i did see it released nearly every match by 1083 at the Chesapeake Regional and 233 released it once for their alliance partner, 759, at NYC. Most teams decided not to worry about the small balls until they were released on their own, as they were successful in gaining points either later or without the small balls. Teams that could corrall balls quickly and successfully may not have needed to drop the 10 point ball early either. As well, from my match viewing, most of the time the 10 point ball ends up out of the playing field, and why knock out a ball when you can’t get the points for it?

so this match was on thurs during practice matches? In the regionals I went to the field crew would feed the human players balls so they could shoot all they wanted and this type of scoring seemed normal. Plus in practice matches who plays defense?

that is a cool photo BTW - if you look just under the score you can see the screen again, faint but its there

I was a photographer for the yearbook in HS - I took a shot of a kid in my class mugging for the camera - I made an 8x11 print and gave it to him (B&W) and he held it up by his face and made the same expression - I had my camera handy and took another shot

then I made a print of that and we did it again - so it ended up being a triple portrait - very cool looking

I didnt notice the screen within the screen