pic: Best Stack from SCRRF Scrimmage

Late in the day, West Torrance Robotics made this stack. A later attempt at a 6-high fell over as it was being placed; they also went 4-2 and 3-3 with cans on both resulting stacks.

The robot was heading back to the chute, and thus managed to blur itself out–they’ll be at Los Angeles in Week 3.

I stepped out of the hall, and returned to see this… the only (as far as I remember) noodled stack of the day… and only 5 tote I saw.

Job well done!

I will be posting more pictures of Team 5124 WTR’s Robot.

Yeah, that was the largest stack of the day for sure. We all stopped what we were doing in the pits to see the action! Great job.

Photo I snapped with the stack in progress:

2496 put up a few 6 tote stacks on Saturday. We didn’t bother with the bin we wanted to get as much tote practice since we only have 3 game legal totes at our school.

We played quite a few matches but were flagged because of our frame. I am planning on writing a thread later in the day for teams that may have a similar issue.