pic: Big Bruce C Updated

My summer project this year was to re CAD our 2004 robot, and then rebuild it. Somewhere along the way we decided to fit it with the new electrical system, so the programmers could use it as practice as well. A few changes were made to the design as well.

This makes me feel old, but I remember that robot. Nice work on the CAD.

I only know this robot from CD Media, but I used to always like how it looked! http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/16939

Yeah I kind of wanted to restore it as it was taken apart and it is by far the best looking bot we’ve ever had.
Plus it was the first year I was around the team as my brother was on the team then, and I’ve been going to competitions ever since.

Sounds like my story being apart of FIRST but my brothers first year was 2005 and I went to competitions in 2006 :slight_smile: