pic: Big Mike + little kids = a future for FIRST


Just before the Rutgers Regional our team gave an exhibition for our elementary school kids at Inventamerica, a science fair type invention fest where the kids get to show off their inventive creativity.

I think everyone will see just why we like having Big Mike around. Mr. Volcano is loved by all.



I love it how little kids get joy from seeing the robotics in action. :smiley:

Geeeez. Yes little kids watching the robots are very cool to watch being a driver at presentations.
I don’t know if anyone remembered Team 930’s last year robot. We were a ball “pickeruper” and could dump.

We had kids all the time just standing back watching the balls go up the elevator and then into a basket. Then when we started to dump all the kids would CHARGE the robot waiting for the balls to come down. You had to make sure you weren’t moving when you dumped or you would run over the kids. Then the kids would fight over the balls so they could feed them back up the elevator and into the basket. It was funny just to watch.

When I read the title, I thought Mike would head-lock them all and force them to listen to the gear ratios of the robot.

Anyway: AWWWW!!! :wink:

We took our old big ball robot and last years robot out to a summer camp for under privilaged kids and i opened everything up for questions… What was the first question “Is that your real hair?” hehe all they cared about was my hair and not the robot. one asked “Can i touch your hair” and i said yes. MISTAKE! I had like 30 kids trying to touch my hair in the middle of the presentation. So i had to tell them they could come talk to me afterwards and touch my hair if they wanted and ask any questions…
Kids rock! I work in a childrens museum! http://users.nlci.com/imagination