pic: Big Mike on a Segway

Stu was kind enough to let the members of team 93 (and Mike!) ride his Segway around after dinner on Friday night.

Is there a weight limit on Segways?

Is he riding with his eyes closed? :eek: Looks like he’s meditating, the new and improved “Zen Mike”

Yes Joe… there is… what are you trying to say?:frowning:

“Hello my name is JVN, and I’m not allowed to ride the smaller segways.”

“hiiiii John”

That we love you for who you are… woah, that’s corny…

P.S.- You had the guts to say it Joe.

All in good humor:p

I think they’re only tested to 250lbs…

welllllllllll stu’s segway obviously isnt broken… if it is… well its not my fault :-p