pic: Big mike the Princess

Big mike in my scoring crown :slight_smile:

Mike, I’m starting to have second thoughts about sharing a room with you in Atlanta…



Oh My…

I may not be able to sleep soundly for the next several weeks.

Who is this guy? Not only is he in no way associated with 1923, but I have certainly never seen him before in my LIFE!

you wanted him… he’s yours now… ha ha ha ha ha

Wow…just, wow

you sure that isn’t Big Mike’s “evil twin”? :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing about crowns is they make you seem taller than you really are…a nice accessory but can be bothersome when planning your wardrobe/day cough


clearly me as i shaved that morning… i think

after 3 days of… fun… you would think you were a princess too, and if i mentally scared lavery then more power to me

Mike, go ahead and admit it - the refraction of light beamed from the spider aiming lights, refracted through the diamonds in the tiara and thus transmitted by fiber-optics woven in your hair, leading down to the mini-PC on your belt - why, with four sensors in the tiara to give you the 3-D holographic image of where to aim, you’ve got it made. Such a clever disguise, but we saw right through you. Really. Can’t fool 116, no sir.

This is just totally wrong!
Has anyone check the Safety Manual about this?

I can’t believe they found a tiara that big…

Big Mike is my all time personal hero!


One word…disturbing.

Mike…you stole the tiara of the scoring queen…I’d be careful if I were you.