pic: BIG ol' FIRST Sign and a quilt made of T-Shirts


View of the back of the stands at the Einstein stadium at Nationals in 2002 in Epcot.

I wonder whatever happened to that BIG ol’ FIRST sign???

It’s different than the one that teams have their picture taken in front of at the Championship event, but it seems to be about the same size

After Kelley pointed it out, this is using the NEW logo, not the old one. So how come it’s at the 2002 nats, yet it only appeared recently in literature and on the website? Freaky…

I like that quilt… hey! For all you folks with too many FIRST shirts, should we do something like that with them? For instance, go to DC, crash Dave’s house, and spread a huge FIRST quilt over the mall and protest for more government funding!

Or even better yet, take all of our FIRST shirts and donate them to a small country. Make it so nearly everyone in that small country wears a FIRST shirt… and there’s your completely FIRST-literate country besides North Dumpling!

Just some ideas, boy do I miss D-world. :frowning:

Hmm… thats a thought, could get expensive sending all the shirts though. I miss nationals in Disney too. The 4 years i was in HS i went then my next year, as mentor, they went to houston and I didnt have money, got to go to atlanta though

Eh, it couldn’t be too terrible.

I figure that Palmetto, for example, covered teams from all over the east coast (and beyond–780, IIRC, is Puerto Rico). If each of them brought a shirt (and maybe grabbed a couple from non-Palmetto teams nearby), then sent them all with a couple of dudes going to DC for such a thing, then you’ve really managed to avoid too much extra expense. You’re just using FIRST’s handy-dandy existing infrastructure.

The sewing, on the other hand… :eek:

We had teams that attended the IRI bring an extra shirt so that a woman from Chris Fultz’s church could make a quilt like this. We are going to try to find a cool place to hang it/display it, like at the State House or something like that. It’s a great idea!

I do like the suggestion of sending it to someone that really needs a blanket!

i have to say that big old quilt made by t-shirts was made my team-- S.P.A.M.— we had fun collecting and making it-- we haven’t done one in a long time-it’s back home with us at the shop right now— our very first one we gave to FIRST-(where the first one is right now i’m not really sure :confused: --but there are two in this world that i know of )

i do miss that big FIRST sign though…

I helped make the quilt. Its interesting hanging it up. (zipties of course!) I thought everyone forgot about it. Some of you many not remember but its 2000 T-shirts. We collected them, cut them up, and sewed them back together. There are two like my sister just said. The original one I think we gave to UTC: Pratt & Whitney and what they did with it I do not know. :confused: S.P.A.M. Mentors?

BTW: I recall it saying FIRST 180 too… :slight_smile: We had the biggest team banner there. :smiley: