pic: BigMOE - rookie year robot


what an awesome machine…i only got to see it in one match, but it is one of the robots that stand out in my mind from that year…i was surprised with that roller and how fast it spun as well…

Thanks for the kind words. I uploaded this as a response to the note looking for pics of year 2000 robots, after realizing that there wasn’t a shot of BigMOE included anywhere! It was our rookie year and we don’t have many shots of it - him? - remaining (it was a pre-digital year). BigMOE is, alas, no longer in existence, having been dismantled with the parts recycled.

I dont know if anyone else agrees with me, but it consistently amazes me that MOE was a rookie in 2000. I forget that when I see MOE acting and producing results like teams with many more years under their belts. Thanks for posting this!


I finally see the importance of the changing of the game objects. :ahh: Is this picture from 2000, or 2001??

I’m guessing 2000 going by the robot design and Jess’ comment alone?

And the fact that we were rookies in 1999, and we have a slightly lower number than M.O.E.

Gotta love the MOE.

(Anyone else laughing at the old pneumatic storage tank?)

Oh, and look who is growling beside BigMoe!

I bet we won that match!

This bot is also no longer in existance, well there are a few pieces still lying around.


Pneumatic Storage Tank? I thought that was a “short mentor storage facility” for regional WFA winners Lou Rosanio and Joe Perrotto. Travel is a LOT less expensive when you pack the grown ups in the crate. :smiley:

Yeah, but whats even more ironic is that that hulking steel tank is only rated to like 120 psi. There’s a silver sticker on the side. Gotta be nice have all that volume though…:rolleyes:

The photo is from year 2000. The 2001 robot was “Little MOE”, one of the National Champions that year.

No, unlike its’ bretheren, Little MOE has not been dismantled.

That picture gave me flashbacks.

It was taken in our gym at the very first ever Ramp Riot Off-season Comp at Wissahickon HS.

Ahh… memories

Huh, I never noticed the Wissahickon in the background… I had always assumed that Ramp Riot started in 2003, hence “Ramp” Riot. You learn something new everyday!:slight_smile:

There was a ramp in 2000 and a “ramp” (it was actually more of a teeter-totter) in 2001 as well.

I wish our rookie year robot could have been that cool (and our second year robot for that matter).