pic: Bike Cim + 56 mm gearbox

Big CIM and the 56mm Banebots gearbox joined with a custom plate

When i imported both assemblies into solidworks i had to remate all the parts of the motor and tranny, did you have the same problem? Any ideas on how to aviod this problem? This could save me some time later on in my designing, for example, the victor speed controller imports as like 60 separate parts and i dont want to have to go thru and remate all of the parts.

Hmm, this was done in inventor, so im not sure about solidworks. Someone else may know?

step files are your friend

I had this problem when using Inventor. i fixed it by leaving the motor/gearbox assembly as is, and just using that assembly as a sub-assembly of the main robot assembly. This works because you can’t move the parts inside a sub-assembly, even if they are not mated.

I would avoid leaving parts unconstrained because I don’t know what would happen if someone else tries to use the files, or if the animation team would import it into 3dsMax. I could be wrong; maybe the parts stay in the right place.

If Solidworks lets you do this, at least ground all the assembly parts. In Inventor assemblies, parts can be grounded, which means that they’re locked into a certain position relative to the origin and axes.

In Solidworks terminology, you select “Fix” for the part. To unfix the part, select “Float.” :slight_smile:

Most step files come without any mates in them. As said above, just fix the components to keep them assembled how they came.

I then make a new assembly and put the transmission in that new assembly. That way, I don’t have to deal with the fixed components in my new assembly and can easily drop another of the transmissions in a different assembly without much work.