pic: Billfred (1618/2815)

Yours truly, testing out a belt weld the best way I know how.

(Photo: Melanie Griffin)

last time I tried that I obliterated my face with my fist.

Glad I was wearing safety glasses :-p

<Insert Bruce Lee dubbing here>

We tested ours in a similar way, although our cord was only 10 inches long (before welding the ends) … we couldent break it like that, so we decided to step on it and pull it upward… Still no luck, then we attached it to a large arbor press and stretched it to over 20 inches long…

It still has yet to be broken.

Man it looks like your on a mission from God. :yikes:

PS: we didn’t use PolyCord for various reasons, but man! Now I wish I had. I always want to make my students laugh :wink:

Hey, how did Billfred get his name?

Great Question!! inquiring minds want to know!! :cool:

wow this top secret pic must have been leaked. I just got word that billfred is working with Hershey and this is there new everlasting clear twizzler.:stuck_out_tongue:

William Frederick Leverette (unsure of exact spelling). He is just too informal a guy to go by William, so it became Bill. But Bill is kinda short, as is Fred, so they got combined somehow.

There is probably a great story in there, I wonder if we’ll ever hear it?

Actually, my full and legal name is William Jullian Leverette, Jr. (Find me at an event and I’ll show you my driver’s license and everything.)

As for the story behind Billfred, well…it’s a long story. :wink:

If Billfred was a superhero what kind of superhero would he be?

Insert sappy quote Billfred is a mentor, he is a genuine superhero already End sappy quote

It’s a forum, we have all the time in the world…please start from the top mr. fred…

The short story might also be under his name:

AKA: Bullfrog/Illfred/Billyfred/Bollyfred/William…

But seriously, can you change the title? It looks like your birth and death dates. (1618 was an interesting year…) You do look pretty good for a man of 390.

Maybe Billfred got his name from when he was a baby and he couldnt pronounce ‘Leverette’ so he said ‘Bellefredde’ and then his parents started calling him 'Billfred"…
I couldnt pronounce my Ls when i was a baby… i would replace it with a Y.
Yisa Yoves MeYYo YeYYow

(MiM at greer… i wonder why it’s trailer is so full… :wink:

(MiM at greer… i wonder why it’s trailer is so full… :wink:

hmm… could it be that we were running for 15 minutes at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

Jullian? Wow. Sorry about the Frederick thing, I can now see how little I do know…

As for the story, I’ll hunt you down at Palmetto (see, tolja we’d be back), checl out your photo ID and, maybe, get the story…:ahh:


I believe he posted the story a while ago… has something to do with pokemon tournaments back in the day, as I recall. Have fun searching through Billfred’s >5,00 posts for more details :slight_smile:

Only the last 500 are shown… I tried already.