pic: Billfred (2815/1398)

Another year, another goofy expression while handling a robot part.

But this time, the wheels keep spinnin’.

(Photo: Melanie Griffin)

Billfred… still as sexy as always.

Shall we be seeing you around our parts some time this build season?

Billfred, your demo nicely illustrates the function of a dead axle. You should add well chosen bearing to reduce wear and tear on the index finger.

However, I really want to see how you plan to demo a live axle. :slight_smile:

Sorry to disappoint, Richard–one-handed cartwheels have never been my forte. :slight_smile:

This is also the 500th thread you’ve started.

Good picture too.

sings Bi-ig wheels keep on turnin’…

Oops, wrong state.

I forgot what song that’s from…
Hey, how about…

“Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel fly!”

Sweeeet home Alabama! Where the skies areeee so blue!


I think Billfred is just spinning his wheels :smiley: