pic: Billfred (2815)

This was me at the 2012 FIRST Championship (on the right alongside Mark McLeod), as photographed by Jane Young.

The #WinAnyway signs were something we made after our improbable backup-robot win at Palmetto. It’s a phrase borrowed from the back-to-back national champion baseball team of our lead sponsor, the University of South Carolina, whose story in some respects parallels ours. The story is best told here. The key quote:

[quote]South Carolina didn’t win their second consecutive national championship on Tuesday night because they were the most talented team in the country. They won because they refused to lose.

They won because they rejected any and all excuses. They won because they believed in the concept of team, and the old-school mantra of fighting for a championship.

In doing so, they have provided each of us with a battle cry worth rallying around.

“Win anyway.”[/quote]

cough And credit goes to who for this amazingly awesome photo? Oh, that would be - me - :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like it. I do, too.


I knew I forgot something! (I’ve been bouncing this photo between Facebook, Twitter, and ChiefDelphi, since all of my profile photos date to at least 2010, some back to college. I was due for an update.)

Jane does know how to take a picture! :slight_smile:

not a bad shot, especially for what she had to work with. this might be a good caption contest one as well (unless ur afraid someone will come up with a good burn).

Billfred-burns are an almost-automatic negative infinity. (Unless you count those sideburns, Bill!) The caption contest judge has his defenses.

I’m short on time to dig them out, but trust me: I’ve stuck myself into many a caption contest. And no, the burn award on those is not an automatic -infinity; it takes a certain direct snark to merit that. :wink:

Read: Kara Bakowski, Heidi Foster, Jess Boucher. Not necessarily in that order.

I was thinking along the lines of Travis Hoffman, Don Rotolo, or Andy Baker. Didn’t Andy receive the very first -infinity or did I get that wrong?


Andy was the first, for reasons I don’t remember (I think I was raiding 116’s photo gallery too much or something and he called me on it). Mind you, this was back in year 1…we’re on year 8. I like to think I’ve improved since. (Hold your laughter, please–don’t crush that illusion!)

But I’m not a total meanie–as Katie Widen demonstrated, (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1087036&postcount=31). :slight_smile: