pic: Billfred in da House


Despite the Palmetto regional being held at Clemson this year, Billfred and his lovely lady friend, made an appearance.

Who’s house? Bills house

Hasn’t he still unfrozen from that Joe Matt pose?

It may just be a reflex; unless I’m getting whacked with a clipboard or it’s a “serious” picture, I generally default to the Joe Matt. It works.

Actually, since Palmetto wasn’t held at USC this year, it wasn’t Billfred’s house at all. (He may have to whack YOU with a clipboard for suggesting Clemson is his home :wink: ) In fact, it was an approximately two our drive AWAY from Billfred’s house…(and mine as well)

Actually, it turned out to be more like two and a half or three hours–traffic on I-85 and all the back roads leading into Clemson was surprisingly tricky. (No cows blocking the roads, though, which was a pleasant surprise. ;))

As I pointed out in some thread somewhere, it was just a slight increase from where Palmetto has been to where Palmetto was this year–only about a 26,600% increase, in my case.

Haha. I guess it’s just you and me that watches MTV :rolleyes:

I was wondering if someone else was going to get my MTV Run’s House referrence