pic: Billfred vs Sam at BattleCry8

This one is begging for a caption contest…

Billfred and Sam duking it out with the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots from Andy Grady’s Wheel of FIRST game at BattleCry@WPI 8.

I already got a caption for it too.

That was the most entertaining game show I’ve seen. MAJOR props to Andy and the crew for developing and hosting it!

There are just wayyyy too many caption ideas fighting for this one.

I’m surprised no one has asked who won yet?

Sam beat me. Actually, I have yet to win at the game against anyone. (I wonder if it’s because I always play as red.)

or because you’re only using one hand…

I totally pwnd that game when I played it during Wheel Of First :cool: It’s soooo fun!!!

And when I watched when people were playing it… Red did lose a lot… I was on blue so that was on there and poor ol Billfred lost too on Red =( Poor Red! haha

Someone must have paid Red to take a dive. :smiley:

what is tim doing in the background…tim…care to elaborate

Ya know, I found myself saying after Battlecry “I really wish I didn’t give away that game”. Rock em Sock em Robots is probably one of the coolest games ever. I now realize that I should have just made one category devoted to it! Of course, Billfred deserves the game for making the effort to get all the way up here, and for judging the Idol portion of WOF. I figure…I’ll make a Wal-Mart stop soon. :wink:

And even after experiencing some outright travel nightmares, I’m still not sure which was harder. :wink:

Wahoo Billfred for making the trip… which was quite an interesting one from the story he told :slight_smile:

Andy, you should have had that game instead of Idol… seeing how at the end there were what, 4 or 5 Idols in a row :stuck_out_tongue: Battling those robots would have been less painful on the ears lol :smiley:

I think perhaps Tim just walked into the room and couldn’t help but exclaim, “What’s going on here?!” (think back to Motorola commercials 1-2 years ago :cool: )