pic: Bionic Tigers

I have always admired their drivers. They are purely aggressive.

That’s confident driving.

But isn’t that also a DQ?

Yep that’s a red card lol. I was waiting for this to show up on here when we went through like 50 pictures where being taken. =) We had to slot feed during the elimination rounds because our top roller broke and we couldn’t pick up off the ground but that’s life. We got used to it after that happened lol.

We could have gotten out of that, forget pushing the stop button. :smiley:

No red card, it’s a disablement. <G31>

We got a DQ for the match. It was only the 2nd match all year that we had to do corner loading.(up to that point it was the 2nd match) Atleast we knew what kind of damage the calw could take and till hold on to the tube. :stuck_out_tongue: