pic: Blair on Galileo

Blair introducing a match on Galileo.

Is um… Blair standing inside a Keeper?
Was he trying to use that as a Hula Hoop or something?

I originally saw that and just thought to make a joke of that going with the grass skirt and the zany actions of Blair himself,but… now I’m really curious. Did he use it as a Hula Hoop? :yikes:

Naaa… I think the Keeper is on this side of Blair, and it just looks like he is standing in it.

The funniest part of this picture is Andy Grady. This pic must be toward the end of the day on Galileo. While Andy has the pressure of announcing the match in front of 5,000 people, he is the epitome of relaxation. Grady is a smooth dude.

Blair and Grady… you guys rocked Galileo. Thanks for an excellent job!

Andy Baker


I’ve never actually seen Blair present a match…

I had the pleasure of getting to train under Blair and Don at the Kansas City Regional. They are two cool dudes and are very good at what they do.

It looks like Grady is doing a lot of work!!!

Blair is my favorite MC of all time. We were lucky to have him at Davis. It might be different from the stands, but when you are down on the field, you got to love him. He does his homework and knows the history and background of the teams that he is about to present. He chat with the drive teams and stuff. You only met him yet it seems like he’s your good old pal. Other MCs are great also but they are more distant than Blair is.

At Davis Blair was really great. Previously I’d only ever seen Mark MC. They’re both definetly my two favorites. We always end up talking to Mark after the event, he’s a cool guy.

I wouldnt be surprised if he was trying to hula hoop… not even slightly.

Judging by the Team number in the center it looks like it is 2056’s keeper.