pic: Bling BLinging 135!

LED lit control board interface with custom sprayed background. "THIS TOOK TOO MUCH TIME…" and now, to our robot!

I wanted to know just how you’ve done this effect with your acrilic! It looks beautifullllllllllllllllll!! Actually we are proposing new ideas for our control board…and this impressed me, really nice!

Not to be a rules lawyer, but how do you plan to power that with the “no external power sources” rule? Does that not apply to random lights and decorations?

Actually, we’ve considered that rule, but the thing is, we dont plan to turn the LEDs on during game time…Thus, its basically there for show. “The refs would probably kill us if we did turn it on during game time!”


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Dermot I’m just kidding I don’t hate you. You are beautiful. You are the wind beneath my wings.

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Only applies to the robot… You can basically have anything you want on the controls, if thats what this is for.

Except that anything going to the joystick ports can’t have external power.