pic: Blizzard

I have been asked why we have not shown any pictures of our robot. I guess I thought that people that wanted to know would check out our website. Novel idea I know. Well here is a picture taken about a week before ship. The drive team has nick-named it "The Great Wall of China". If you knew our drive team you would understand.

Are ya sure that can’t go into the water?

I’m surprised and very hopeful that somehow that long chain in the rear has been modified or changed. It looks a little crazy flapping in the wind. Can’t wait to see ya guys!

hey can you swing that thing by my house i need some painting done.


Can you explain a little more on how it works. Like do you store balls in a hopper? can you shoot balls? Are you a pure herding robot? It looks interesting but I can’t total figure out how it works from the pictures.

Can I bring my truck by? Its needs a wash, wax, and the chrome needs to be polished.

3 channels to hold balls. Max 8 per channel most likely 5-6 depending on the operator.We can shoot 2 channels at a time maybe 3. We can also shoot balls into lower goal and herd (push) them into to lower goals. We can also climb the ramp.

The rear motors and chain have been changed since this photo. We added another 2’ chain to each side.

We wash floors, cars, walls, bikes and almost anything else that comes by. Not only do we have a robot that plays the games, it also is great at fund raising.

Hey whats this, I wasn’t aware of our nickname! If so, our drive team last year could have named the robot last year the Chinese Power Tower. Or something like that.

And yes, this may be one of the funniest looking robots we’ve ever produced, but definitely one of the most structurally sound. If you remember our infamous collapsible elevator of last year that managed to snap back together with great effect, it has nothing on this year’s version.

Blizzard 7 is ready to rock and roll in 2 days at FLR!

its the Wagner Power Bot!

if you get tipped over you should have no problem climbing the ramp

Spongebob would be proud.

I bet it could give a great back massage if you ran the rollers back and forth! You could offer the service in your pit for all the weary competitors.

oooo, i get dibs!

I hope those are pool-noodle rollers. Our best prototype was so equipped.

What you have there is a wall. Not just any wall, but a Great Wall, composed entirely of yellow rollers…

So that’s the next great wonder of the world… :wink:

(close mouth)
(rub eyes)
(rub eyes again)
(site down)
(think for a moment)
That is sooooooo unique!
Makes me want to drive up to Toronto and interview you guy and see the bot in action.
Wait I was just there in Toronto this pass summer!
Now I feel really bad for not talking to Steve W at NJ.

pool noodles make awesome rollers…we found that out on Friday.

Looks like another quality Canadian robot, watch that country at World’s this year.

Great candidate for the Letterman show:

Will It Float? contest

Blizzard VII will be in action this weekend at FLR. Stop by it is a great regional.

I saw your guys little part on Daily Planet a bit back, can always use publicity :P. Was looking pretty solid, hope to see you all at waterloo or hershy :D.

I’m guessing you have a very strong drive train, if trying to push your 'bot is like trying to push the Great wall of China!

P.S. I like your pick-up mechanism. :cool: Mabye I could run my dog through it… :stuck_out_tongue:

1 request- you have to come to nationals so i can see you guys personally