Pic Block (save server space)

I tried to upload a pic, and it told me that i already did. (so i put a link to the form) A pretty nifty way to save server space, i think.

tried to upload a pic where?

im not understanding what you’re saying …

sorry, attach a file. (the file happened to be a .jpg) I was saying that the server told me that i had allready uploaded a file(with the same name), and where it was. So, insetad of uploading the file, i put a link in the post to go to the post where the pic that i uploaded before was. I was only commenting on the niffty way that you used to save server space.(By blocking double uploads)

Sorry if i confused you with thinking that there was a problem, there was none.


Ive never had that happen, but its supposed to, to save space…

vbulletin is cool like that