pic: Blue Cheese 1086 2012 Robot, Blue Yarg!

We have a few more pictures and videos from the build season available here:

Also, we will keep the most up to date information about the robot available on our site here:

Looking good. See you in a few weeks at Virginia.

Looks great, Pat! Too bad we won’t be able to come down and play with you guys this year =/.

There is always next year :slight_smile:


Also, nice minibot tower base.


Are those handles for safely picking up the robot I spy?

Very nice! Also, kudos to the name. The cheese + black pearl reference is very fitting. Happy 10 year anniversary!!

I can’t wait to see Yarg in person at VCU :]


Thanks dude!
it’s been a crazy first year making the transition from Pack Leader of the Junkyard dogs to Head Cheese ofBlue Cheese, but i think our first 6 weeks have been rather successful.

Take a look at what we accomplished this week! Got the shooter dialed in. Two weeks to get the rest done.

Our shooter works that well (in theory… :rolleyes: ).

Psyched to see it in action in three weeks. Much better than Week 6 last year, but still too long.

Are you guys using 6 inch AndyMark Performance Wheels? I can’t remember.

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The wheels are actually 8 inch Plactions. We were planning on going the Performance Wheel route but they were out of stock when we went to order them and to keep progressing we decided to go with the Plactions which were back in stock a week earlier.

Awesome name, it fits!