pic: Blue Cheese 1086 FLL Tournament

This is the majority of Blue Cheese in a picture we took right after the Awards Ceremony of our first Deep Run FLL Tournament!

Oh!It’s amazing! Congratulations!

Yay Blue Cheese!
1676 also ran our first FLL tournament a few weeks ago. Fun!

Congrats!!! The White Wolves have made to the State Championship which is this weekend!!!

Thanks everyone! The tournament was a huge success for us, especially since it went smooth and turned out to be one of the larger regional events in Central Virginia with 24 teams.

We also had two of our mentored teams go to the Virginia State Tournament last weekend, actually I believe that both of the coaches are in this picture! (Their teams went to other regionals the week before so they could volunteer at our event)

Awesome work! Keep inspiring our future leaders!

Good looking group!