pic: Blue Cheese

Team 1086’s robot, Blue Cheese.

This was an awesome robot and if you check the VCU awards page you will see that they cleaned house!

Thank you Mr. Kelly!

That’s a really good view of our robot! I personally like our blue bumpers better though… matches the team colors:D . This picture was taken on practice day, because it doesnt have our decals on the ball deflector yet.

I like how your robot looks, 1086! I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of your team before this year; however, we’ll be competing with you guys at NCR in a week and a half! When I checked out info about your team, I was impressed that your team has had such a strong hold at VCU for several years! I’m eager to see your robot in action this year - I heard it was very competitive!

Thank you! We try hard and spend allot of time on our robot during the six weeks!

I cant wait to see you there and wish you the best of luck!

I actually like the red bumpers; they provide a very attractive contrast to the blue and yellow :slight_smile:

Beautiful looking robot, and congrads on your win this last weekend!