pic: Blue Man Group - Aftermath

The mess on the field at the end of Blue Man Group.

please tell me that you guys used paintballs lol

Notice that the judges were given plastic rain ponchos to wear!
This was a great way to get the public into the building (over 7,000 in attendance) and many of them stayed to watch the finals after Blue Man Group finished their awesome set, and Woodie arrived via the ceiling!

Turned out, the paint was very easy to clean.

Man, I wish I could’ve been there (just not on field reset! :eek: )

blue man group was crazy, one guy caught like 15 paintballs in his mouth. woodie coming down from the ceiling was insane too, the crowd went wild =P

I was lucky enough to have a seat that issued a poncho. During the performance I kept thinking I was getting wet, but no paint on the ponchos at the end.
I was more concerned about the clear lane divider which got really spattered, but the crew did a great job with the foam cleaner, and the clean-up only took about 5 minutes!:slight_smile:
What a show!

I wish I was there(i would of loved it since I am a Drummer) Where was this and is there any video footage of this somewhere.

Yes, the video is posted here. This happened at the Boston Regional yesterday.

it was fun!!! then came out woody flowers on a grapple. its was amazing.

the paint is actually a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of water and paint to give it more of a splatter effect.

if you guys liked the show, check out the touror a stage show

My favorite music group visited a FIRST regional and I missed it :frowning:

they were actually marshmallows…and then he spit them out onto a girl’s head! (thankfully, they gave her a hat first)

the preformance was pretty wikid :cool:

Well, not quite…

highlight for spoiler…

the gumballs are actually condoms filled with paint, while the marshmallows are creamcheese covered with powdered surgar, still an impressive feat though!

By the way they were squishing down and sticking to each other, I knew they weren’t normal marshmallows.