pic: Blue Man Group in Boston

One of about 600 pictures i took this weekend up at Boston. I have about 60 pictures just from the Blue Man Group set. All in all it was a great show, though i wish it were a little longer it was def. a nice touch.

I really enjoyed the BMG show in Vegas this weekend, and after showing these pics to my team, the first response was “I hope that was after elims!”, (coming from one of the moms who does a lot of queueing and field reset)

(UNLV replaced the LVR team social with a trip to the Venetian for the BMG’s full show. It was amazing!)

Nope this was before elims. They put tarps all over the field to attempt and stop it, but it didn’t protect the plexi glass behind them.

So Kev, is it the Canon Rebel we have to thank for this good pic?
Because we all know your regular camera skills left something to be desired. LOL
Should’ve hopped up the speed on this shot though. There is still some blur in it, which at least makes it look like they are in motion which is a good thing if that’s what you are going for.

it’s blurred because CD doesnt allow large files… so its been shrunk by about 70% and then CD resizes the pic to what it wants… click the picture and view it outside of CD its no longer blurry.