pic: BLUE MUENSTER--Team 1086 2009 FRC

I proudly present Team 1086’s 2009 robot Blue Muenster!
this robot is fully equipt with…
-a 3 way catapult system capable of firing from around 8ft all the way down to 1 ft

  • a floor intake mechanism capable of holding around 8-10 balls powered by 2 window and 2 CIM motors
  • a “puke” mode where we can drop our full load of balls at point blank range in a matter of seconds

we worked with team 384 Sparky again this year and ended up with three awesome robots ready to compete at the NASA/VCU Regional and Championships!!!


Can’t wait for VCU. See you all there. Have any videos?

Another imaginative and innovative design from 1086! We had the opportunity to play with 1086 @ Sonic Tools. I have to say it is a wicked design. We look forward to seeing ya’ll at VCU.

Why did you guys only use 2 air tanks instead of 384 with four?

well…we saw it necessary that we put a second CIM on our conveyor system which set us back 3 pounds. so we spend all monday cheesing everything that wasn’t cheesed and the clipards were something that got taken off… but we got enough weight back to put a 3rd on. 384 stuck with the original design of 1 cim

What advantage does the extra CIM give you guys over the 384 setup?

well on our prototype with the single cim the belt would stall rather ofter. the extra cim made it nearly impossible to stall, and it gave a little extra boost to our puking mode:yikes:

I love that name for the mode. Is is basically just a fast dump or does it dump them on the floor?

it just basically launches all of our balls about 1 or 2 feet out of our hopper…just enough for a point blank shot

hey guys great bot last year…we had fluffy and played you guys in the semi finals…do you have any videos of this years???

ya i think we have one of our prototype running…i’ll look into putting them up soon

kool…we r puttin some up if u wanna c…lookin forward to seein it at VCU and Atlanta

Pardon me if I’m wrong but aren’t window motors illegal this year since they weren’t in the kit of parts?

Actually 2 came in th kit- a left and a right handed motor.