pic: Blue or red?

I’d have to say that it is leaning towards the blue side, but im not quite sure how it will be scored. NICE PICTURE BTW! great angle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although the angle’s a little off (the picture’s taken from slightly off to the red side), I’d have to say that’s blue’s ball.

This is exactly why, when we had our minitournament, the rules were changed to state the Atlas Ball must be ENTIRELY within one side of the field or the other to count - if any part of it crossed midfield, its scoring was ignored.
To be honest, I’m surprised the VEX GDC didn’t make a similar distinction.

In another match we had one much closer call (about 1/2 inch to one side) - we ended up measuring from where the two sides of the ball were in relation to the line to call it.

To save the little hair the refs have left, I suggest that the GDC follow boiler’s lead for any future games involving the atlas ball. :rolleyes:

I think I’m going to have to disagree - I’ve been ref/head ref at a couple of FVC tournaments this year, and I think the rules are exactly the way they should be. If there was a rule that it had to be completely on one side, you’ll still end up with times when you have to make a call whether the ball is completely on one side or just barely touching the line. Frankly, I think this might be even harder, since you couldn’t use where the ball touches the floor as a guide. (All right, the balls aren’t always completely round, but it’s still pretty easy to judge which side the ball’s on.)

I’ve never had any issues with judging which side the ball’s on, and the current wording of the rule has made a lot of matches a lot more exciting, with the outcome of the match flip-flopping back and forth as the atlas ball wobbles around.

I do have to say that was an extremely intense match…we were estatic when we found out we had it by an inch. :smiley:

by the way, it was blue.

As a GDC, this was discussed/tested at length. If you need it entirely on one side you take away a huge part of the field where the Atlas Ball wouldn’t count at all which isn’t nearly as exciting.

So… what was holding this magic Atlas ball up? Gravity itself? Or my guess was it was the (712?) robot behind it in the picture?

What ever happened to making the rules simple (a’la 2004 & 2005 FRC games) and any game piece that a robot is touching at the end of the match not being counted?

Wouldn’t that have made things a lot easier?

Hindsight, I know.

It was 1712, and a 30 something bot.

This happened at the Glendale Scrimmage I think it was and they ruled it to close to call. But I would have to say it looks like it is on the blue side.