pic: Blue Tetra

2005 Tetra assembled and painted.
Thanks to Jon. K for finding the drawing for the corner connectors, EricH for figuring out the geometry of the hook on our '05 robot (currently waiting to be painted), Billfred for digging up old pictures showing the corner assembly, and team 4201 for the use of their laser cutter.

Nice job! Looks great.

Now all we need is a video of your '05 bot scoring mad points… looking good.

Does Einsteinf1 m2work?

Well done, it looks great!

Talking to someone else on the team at the time:

QFs of Newton Division, specifically QF3-2. http://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2005new_qf3m2

Let’s go with owning all 9 goals being rather infrequent, and you’ll see why that one’s on the list.

Very infrequent, but I vividly remember another example. I remember it so well because we were on the receiving end of that onslaught. :frowning:

67’s alliance partner, 279, deserves some love for their ultra-creative solution. We called them “Backpack Bot” that year.

I think your second link is actually http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/20941](http://"http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/20941)[/quote]

Ahh thank you. I missed a quotation mark when I wrote in that link.

That tetra brings back so many good memories. Looks great!

Did someone say blue tetra?
At least it isn’t a moonfish.

Do you have one for the red alliance? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, no. I chose blue because if goes with our color scheme, and we won as the blue alliance.

(Not having red paint also probably had something to do with it)

I was mostly asking if there was a red alliance fish. :] I like the actual game piece tetra, good job on that! Though you probably need a red one of those too. No red paint, no problem! Just substitute red duct tape! :smiley: If you can’t find an old game piece for an old robot, I guess you could always make one! :cool:

The GloFish company has a rainbow of color options.