pic: Bob Ross front

Front of TNT (FRC 3102)'s STRONGHOLD robot, “Bob Ross”. Showing “spaghetti” collecting/shooting mechanism.

I would love to see some video of this collection/shooting mechanism. Also, digging the name.

The robot has a mustache.

The mustache, my favorite new robot feature!

Is it too late to rename it to someone with a…more powerful mustache? Like Tom Selleck, or Ron Swanson, or even Scruffy?

It looks like you guys painted the bumper numbers with some titanium white, and the bumpers themselves with Prussian Blue. How about adding some Van Dyke Brown or Cadmium Yellow onto it? Remember, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.


That’s not spaghetti, it is bucatini. Spaghetti doesn’t have a hole in the middle. :rolleyes:

If you’re looking for mustache names, can I highly suggest “The Hyneman”?

This thing was interesting to watch. Davy Jones would have been a good name for it.