pic: Bob Ross left

Left side of TNT (FRC 3102)'s STRONGHOLD robot, “Bob Ross”.

congratulations on making it to elims. You were the best alliance partner we had the whole qualification period, and we were pared with the Hawaiian team (359?, #2 seed). I was the guy wearing three fedoras at once including the Robetts team hat (they were very curious as to how I acquired their hat).

Bob Ross left? Where did he go? :confused:

I have absolutely no idea how you fell to the 7th pick. You were a top 3 robot at Superior, and really fun to work with. You were an awesome alliance partner for sure. I have a feeling that if we would’ve gotten past 2052, we would’ve won the event.

I think 3102, 2052, and 4607 would have made a great alliance. 3102 & 2052 along with 2823 had the high score in quals.

I don’t think that alliance would even be fair. It was a lot closer to happening than it should’ve been. All 3 teams are great, and 3102 should’ve been a top 3 pick while 2052 was a top 3 pick.

Hopefully we have a little more luck in Wisconsin.

Congrats to Bob Ross and the team of 3102 for making it to St. Louis. Hopefully we will see you there.

To the great easel in the sky.

Still waiting for a pic of Bob Ross and his pretty big blue Banner

Thank you! We’ll get one soon!