pic: Bobcat Mosaic

After build season and the Suffield Scrimmage and all of our regionals, I compiled a bunch of photos from 2005 (and some from 2003 and 2004, because we didn’t have enough!) into a big mosaic. We printed a copy of it on a big printer we have at school at about two feet square. It looks really sweet from far away, and then you get up close and you can see all the individual photos.

The full sized mosaic is about 7400px by 7300px, so this is a scaled down version… Here is a [url=\“http://img96.echo.cx/img96/347/segment8el.jpg\”]smaller section[url] so you can get an idea of the details of the individual photos.

This is going to look sweet in our pits…

That is awesome. Did you do this yourself? This will definitely make your pits one of the most recognizable in all of the competitions you go to! Way to go!

In the past I have used programs to create similar mosaics, so I assume he did the same. The problems I always had were the lack of unique images, and the enormous amount of photos you need to start with to produce even something close to what was done here.

It truely looks great. What program did you use to create this one?

Greg did an amazing job on this…we just printed it out at the meeting today, and I think they had some trouble, because they eventually had to print it out of MS Paint :cool:. It looks really cool, and from across the room looks a lot like the bobcat. It’ll be proudly displayed in our pits at Battlecry this year if anyone there wants to come and take a look. Greg started with something like 1500 pictures, but had to reduce that number so that the pictures can be seen individually.

Love how you got the shades and features in from the pics! I wonder what Cathy Beck (team leader and art teacher) will say when she sees this…

the only word out of my mouth at that time was WOW. how long did that take to make? :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing! Ok I challenge someone to make a FIRST logo, that would be cool.

That is awesome! Totally wicked! Nice job!

that’s just way cool!! i love mosaics well anything in art i love…lol

great job!!!

That is awasome, It makes me want to make one of my own. good job!
What did you use to make it though?

This is assuming I don’t destroy it tomorrow when I try to mount it on poster board. I’m using some over-ten-year-old poster board that’s kind of beat up, but its the only thing I could find. Dry Mat Tissue will affix the mosaic to the board, but I just hope that the tissue doesn’t wrinkle and that the ink doesn’t burn or anything (I’ve never dry pressed from this printer).

The mosaic was made using about 600 images from the last three years (although primarily this year, thanks to kids having their own digital cameras to pull images from) as well as about 5000 frames of video from our competitions (which you can see mostly as the filler in the background).

The actual software used to create the mosaic is a really nice piece of freeware called AndreaMosaic. It took me quite a while to find good mosaic software (although some of the alternatives I found had features I wish AndreaMosaic had (like prioritizing certain photos)), and then it took me a while to play with all the photos and all the settings to get the mosaic to be the right size and have the right photos and most importantly, resemble the Bobcat.

I believe one of our mentors found 2 more Cd’s of old photos, so maybe we’ll have an even better mosaic for Battlecry.