pic: Boeing and Hales HS early framework

Hales HS robot is almost rolling. All we need are the rest of the wheels and a programmed board. Angle 2

Hey its amazing how much your robot is similar to ours. we were able to get ours rolling yesterday and fixed the kinks that it had today but the chassis design was almost identical except for basically one thing in which we made the electrical components in a two story box

Uh. It’s totally made of Kit components, so wouldn’t it be very similar to every Kitbot out there? Just wondering…

Nice work! You folks are further than we are… Gearbox components should be rolling off the machines tomorrow, so we can couple them with the drive modules.

Good work but i highly suggest that you grease those transmissions up or they will most likely seize up on you.

You might consider compacting your electronics layout to clear up space for your manipulator. Keep the good work up !

Well all of the robots use parts from the same kit but even the chassis can be signficantly different because of all of the different ways to mount the gearboxes to the chassis or their alignment but still

It is great to see you are almost on schedule. Rookies should have a driving base by now or be very close. I hope you checked your dimensions after you bolted it all together. The heads of the hardware will be included in your sizing. Some teams using this chassis, forget the hardware and find themselves 1/4" or more too big. Good luck and have fun!