pic: Boilermaker Final Lift

Beautiful! :slight_smile:
A perfectly executed double-lift.
Best wishes in Atlanta!

Agreed…except that it might be violating the standard bumper height requirements. Is that rear bumper inside the starting envelope and included in the weight of the robot?

This was discussed in another thread, starting with post #146.

Everyone involved – teams, referees, inspectors, etc. – missed this violation of <R37> and the Q&A response confirming that standard bumpers must maintain correct height while lifting.

We missed a similar situation during Friday matches in St. Louis (Week 1) but corrected it Saturday morning.

The rules are too opaque. The fault the rules now possess is if your robot is tipped you are violating rules, are too heavy and should be disqualified because the bumper goes 28 inches high (and then it’s both you and the tipper disqualified). Also if the point of reference is the ground as in this case, what allows the bumper of the robot that climbs a ramp to be higher then 8 inches (are we now going to make it illegal to climb ramps when sporting a bumper?).
Also why is this bumper illegal in FIRST’s mind? It serves its purpose and just happens to lift at the end.

It actually wasn’t a perfect double-lift. The outside wheels of both robots drop just below the 12-inch mark. Close, but it’s only worth 30 points, not 60.
It doesn’t take away from what 1555 and their alliance accomplished. This small flaw made the finals that much closer and exciting. Great job to 1555, 234, and 1730.

you could copy ours in st louis richard brought the rule to our attention so we removed our bumpers and for chicago we made attachment plates so they stay down.

According to one of the Q&As (paraphrased):
The bumper zone is defined as the space between two planes parallel to the base of the starting configuration of the robot, 2.5 and 8 (or whatever the heights are) inches off of that base.
Thus, when a robot climbs up a ramp, the bumper zone moves climbs up with it. (Search the Q&A for GDC wording if you’d like. Reporting back on how close I was would be cool ;-))

If the bumpers are attached to a mechanism that lifts them above the Bumper Zone, then they are in violation of the Rule <R37> constraints. The bumpers would thus be considered Custom Bumpers, and would not enjoy the benefits of Standard Bumpers.

Were Team 1555’s bumpers custom bumpers? If not, you should have been asked to remove them or be DQ’ed. IMHO.
We decided not to add bumpers because of this rule.

okay people… i am the driver of team 1555 and i am not trying to be mean or anything…but it was an honest i mistake…everyone at that regional missed it so can everyone stop complaining…plus if we knew that the bumpers where a violation we would have removed them from the robot…

thank you

That was an amazing way to finish. Thanks partner.

it was an amazing way to finish and it was nerve racking too lol but good job 1555