pic: Bomb Squad Trailer Back View

I like the trailer I just wonder what the average person will say when they drive behind it and see “BOMB SQUAD” and “Lighting Fires” on the same surface :yikes:

Yeah I’m guessing that could make traffic an interesting experience :slight_smile:

Traffic should be fine. Trying to cross the border would likely be impossible without a search and a ton of explaining…

I want those stickers for the back of my car…sure would help get rid of tail gaters. :cool:


What’s worse is when you do your Newton division scouting in the airport heading to Atlanta :yikes:

Anyway, very impressive looking trailer for a very impressive team.

That’s a nice F-14 Tomcat graphic you have on the side. Who drew it? Someone on the team?

We used a coloring page from the internet and about 9 hours of pixel-by-pixel cleaning up. :slight_smile:

The back story on the back of the trailer:

Our Bomb Squad name is derived from the fact that our school mascot is “Bombers.” Over the years, more interesting fighter planes have replaced actual bombers as symbols. When our team was formed in 1996, one of the mentors suggested “kicking the tires and lighting the fires” as the team motto. The less prosaic, but pithy “ignite and excite” was chosen instead. The phrase “kicking the tires and lighting the fires” is a colloquialism used by fighter pilots to describe the pre-flight check of their aircraft and ignition of the after-burners. I think it is very cool and since I was not around to vote on the team motto in 1996, I have resurrected the phrase and used it “unofficially.”

Though I did not check with an attorney or any law enforcement personel, I believe that the signage will only grab attention in a good way. The First Amendment is a wonderful thing…

Hopefully you can view the thing in person at IRI!

That’s a very nice looking trailer. I might pass this picture along… my team has tossed around the idea of getting a trailer, maybe this will help. Good luck at IRI!

The “igniting the fires” part is interesting: The University of Scrantonhas a motto that tells students to** “Go forth and set the world on fire”. **That’s in line with FIRST’s mission and, it appears the Bomb Squad (who led us to a Finalist banner at Palmetto, for which we are forever grateful) has a similar outlook.

Hey, I’m a Scranton grad and I remember nothing about “setting the world on fire” except for that one time on Mulberry Street with those bottle rockets…or maybe it was twice…oh…never mind :). On a more on topic note, thank you Meredith for the history lesson, I’ve learned something really cool.

Close, that is a FA-18 Hornet.

I do like the new updated graphics. Looks Great. Hopefully we will get to see it at Lone Star this year. Hint, hint…

I’m sorry, I thought the FA-18 Hornet was the F-16 Fighting Falcon. My bad.

Still looks sweet, though.

When not carrying robots, does it haul shredded paper?

Very good, Barry! Now that we are home from IRI, job 1 is to unload the “robot stuff” and move a pole barn full of shredded paper to the recycling center. I have had the trailer for about 3 years and couldn’t decide if it should be covered in “Bomb Squad” or “Shred Squad” or some confusing combination. It is a good thing I went with “Bomb Squad” designs only. The Shred Squad logo is a really scary stick figure throwing a bomb at a stack of paper - it would really cause havoc on the highway.