pic: Bomb Squad's 2nd Grade Driver


This is a portion of a page from our Championship Chairman’s submission the year we won (2000). I had never seen it before as I married into the team in 2001. A former team member sent me a copy and I had a lovely surprise…the little girl in the bottom right picture is a Junior this year and is a team leader and one of our drivers. She is also my daughter, Harley, and I had no idea that she was in the Bomb Squad’s winning entry. So forgive my proud Mom moment, but the time FIRST teams spend with these youngsters really matters.

I think this is so cool. Whenever we do demonstrations for kids, we always mention that they can do it too some day. It’s nice to see that some kids actually make that happen. You should be very proud indeed. I must note, however, that I chuckled when you said you married into the team. It is just funny because a person outside FIRST might not understand how you become involved with a team by marrying a person on it. But like I said, that person doesn’t know FIRST.

Great story Meredith. That just goes to show you that you never know what kind of positive influence you have on kids. I often wonder how many of our kids were influenced by the mini camps we put on in the elementary and middle schools. You can never start too early…