pic: Bond Brigade Dorito Drive CAD

Bond Brigade 5586’s “Dorito” drive, reveal video coming soon.

Wow, what a co-ink-y-dink we had a similar plan! :yikes:

That’s dope dude. Could you link the CADD file so I can check it out?

Yeah I could make a STEP file for it. And dang PJ those are some nice wheels haha

Hey, just a few quick questions. Is this actually implemented on your robot or is it just a CAD? If it is real what kind of motor/gearbox setup does it have and how well does it turn on carpet? Our team has this on our robot and just wanted to know how others have done it

I didn’t know teams still used the old victors.

Creative design! I’d like to see that reveal video to see how it works.

Good luck!

Yes this is our current robot design, the triangle wheels spin from the torque produced by two cim motors on each side (we just use the KOP gear box). The robot itself is capable of turning fairly well on carpet, but it’s still going to take a bit of driver practice to utilize. Side note - Wheels currently have ~120 degrees of motion. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Yeah we realized that the old victors are no longer in use when we tried searching for more of them for our practice bot, but thank you the reveal video should be out within the next week!

Was cool ranch not strong enough?

Sweet to know we arent the only ones to try this! lets be team triwheel together? And yeah what kind of gear ratios you guys run on those wheels (we run 2:1) as well as the weight per assembly. We have 7ibs per assembly for just one wheel set so you must be pushing 12ibs?

All of our tests showed that the addition of cool ranch to the Dorito drive caused it to lose much of its pushing power while it’s contribution to speed was negligible. So we decided to stick with nacho cheese for its defensive abilities.