pic: booooooots


Incontrovertible proof that we will definitely be climbing or kicking things in the 2016 game.

Or the game pieces will be boots.

Or the stronghold will be boot-shaped, and there will be a little old lady living inside.

Or I’m just pulling your leg.

Stronghold! Pomade … Krazy Glue … Duct Tape … Grade 8 5/16-18 w/ Loctite … TIG weld … NdFeB magnets … Hulk Hogan

Boots? Drop kick that Poof Football!

But wait, there’s more! The “F” in FIRST is two upside down, the “T” in FIRST could be one or two more, back to back. The base of the “T” and “L” in Stronghold are two more. Yet two more inverted at the top of the “N” and “L” in Stronghold.

The power of suggestion! :slight_smile:

Can’t really argue with this logic