pic: Boss Brah V2.0 Feat. The Hungry Captain at Cass Tech in finale configuration

Team 3098’s finale configuration at Cass Tech. Photo Credit: Daniel Ernst

As upset I am that there’s a FIRST robot with “Brah” in it’s name, that’s a really cool hook! How does it hold, how do you open it?

It’s pretty simple actually. We created a 1 way locking-hook using a custom U shaped aluminum shape , a few stopping bolts and aluminum tubing. The two pieces of tubing are used as 1 way locking mechanisms, which are tensioned by some surgical tubing. So when we have to unhook, all we have to do is grab the far side of the tubing and it opens the mouth of the U. Does this make sense? I hope so!


That’s a picture of the latching mechanism without the captain head on it.