pic: Boston ibot

A paralyzed Rhode Island congressman demonstrates the power of the ibot while delivering a powerful speech

This is actually Rhode Island congressman Jim Langevin. He gave a wonderfully inspirational speech on Saturday morning of the Boston regional.

simply amazing… :cool:

Does anyone have video of this? I’d be interested in watching.


Is it just me, or does his bottom left wheel look like it could use a little air?

But seriously, that is an awesome device.

The iBot was fun to work on… :wink:

the ibot is An amazing device that has greatly extended accessibility for many disabled people. It allows people who are normally “looked down apon” to look their co-workers and counter parts in the eye with its amazing gyroscopic technology(also used in the Segway). The ibot can also climb stairs, and handle more rugged terrain than most other wheelchairs. Kudos to Dean and his team that worked endlessly for years to develop this magnificent peace of work.

Yes, we noticed that as soon as he put it in the standing position.
I was one of the closest ones to that side of the iBot, as I was just next to Blair (Hawaiian shirt on the left most side of the pic) right out of the frame of the pic.

Also, I just want to say that this was the first time I ever saw an iBot put into the standing mode that close up, and when he did it, he first leaned back real far, and then stood it up, and my first reaction was to run over because it looked like it was going to fall.

I quickly realized that, “hey, I’m looking at a wonderful piece of technology that defies gravity” and I calmed down quite a bit.

It is a quite of a shock seeing the iBot do it’s thing up close though. You are almost left speechless at first.

Leaning the seat-back of the iBOT is how the chair is commanded to switch into Blance Function (or rotate the cluster to climb a stair in Stair Function). Climbing curbs by driving into them is the most fun though. Check out the videos: www.independencetechnology.com

What a GREAT picture, you can see Dean Kamen in the background looking onward…what a nice inspirational picture.

Marketing people should eat this one up.

the ibot is an amazing piece of technology.

little known fact: [at least to the media] segway technology came from tweaking the ibot’s balance mode.

another reason dean should not just be referred to as “inventor of the segway”.


standing in front of the field with the rest of 1568, listening to the congressmans speech was cool. then one of my friends says, wouldnt it be cool if it was one of theos [ibot wheelchairs] and then out it comes

we also noticed the flat tire :slight_smile:

The ibot was created by dean and his crew but didn’t have that large of a market so they thought of a way to make it appeal to a larger market. Changing the idea and using its balance mode to run on full time, thus the Segway.

J&J helped pay for the research of the iBot, yet it was Dean’s tech and he used it on his own for the Segway.

Pure awesomeness. If 20 kids involved in FIRST or inspired because of FIRST create something of this calibur, you can count on a much better world and lifestyle in general. Believe me, watching this on the field in Boston was breathtaking. Really something. This should be an inspiration to us all to go out there and create something that will benefit mankind. :slight_smile: