pic: Boston Wayne

Wayne having a serious discussion with his team’s driver.
He is also number “4” of “348.” (see pic: 348 Drive team at NYC 2008 - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi)

Look at Wayne’s Furrowed Brow. Is he struggling at level 5 of Overture Facile (Inside team joke)

Wayne looks pretty serious. There are so many things that could be being said in the pic at that moment.

Next Caption contest?

yea, i am in the picture and still have no idea what we were talking about

my guess is it is something about how you have to wear the bib to talk the referee

I didn’t know there was a Boston Wayne!

You stole my idea right out of my mind :wink:


He was telling his drivers that they must hurdle 3 times next match so the predictions from LF can come true. =)

This would be MUCH more effective if he’s looking at one of the boys.

The thought of that is traumatizing.

Based on the last time we met, Koko Ed thinks something/someone/someones something is traumatizing :ahh:

Well I thought it was…:rolleyes:
And I’m sure Wayne would find it far more traumatizing if Heather was pregnant. It’s hard to drive the robot when you’re giving birth.

wow guys…
just wow…

This is a drive team that worked very hard in their competition.
The driver’s bib is an honor and should be treated as such, caption contest or no.


dont worry about it this is a typical convo (comments convo not actual pic canvo) for team 348

Well here’s a few questions to think about.

  1. How many photos have we seen in CD for the 2008 season that have a bib in them?
  2. How many photos have we seen in CD for the 2008 season that have a bib on a female driver in them?
  3. How many photos have we seen in CD for the 2008 season that have a WFFA talking with his drive team – as coach – in them?
  4. Replace the person wearing the bib with a male – what would the caption discussion be? Would it involve pregnancy?
  5. If culture change in FIRST involves inspiring young women in the fields of science and technology – how did we so quickly devolve into a joke about pregnancy and giving birth while driving?

Just some thoughts. Am I a little passionate about this? Just a little.

Jane and Others,
While I understand the lighthearted joking. Jane brings up many valid points for consideration. There are some remarkable young ladies doing some incredible things on teams that often don’t receive enough credit and recognition. Heather Conway is the pictured alliance captain. Heather is a senior heading to RPI next year for engineering. She was very influential in the design of the robot, was one of the most active members of our build team, made drive team, and has been one of my most trusted student leaders who the other team members rally around. So regardless of what the conversation was I like to think of this photo as, “You really want me to be the alliance captain?” “Yes, Heather I think you deserve to be.” Chelle Nadeau was the team representative/lead scout that we sent out to draft our alliance. Both of these young ladies were given the roles because they responded well to encouragement, worked hard throughout the season without complaint, and earned it, not simply because they were girls. I was proud to put them into the spotlight as high profile team representatives of 348.

Let’s face it, from outward appearances, engineering and FIRST both seem dominated by males. We need to do our parts in continuing to empower, encourage, inspire, and recognize our female counterparts in the program. Please be respectful; one day one of these young ladies may be your boss.